Being a merit badge counselor is easy and fun. Counselors:

  1. Review the requirements with the scout in question to verify he has completed them
  2. Review what he has learned
  3. And to celebrate his accomplishments!

You don’t need to be an expert to be a merit badge counselor. It is more important that we have counselors for as many badges as possible, and multiple counselors for the Eagle required badges. Some familiarity with the subject matter is enough.

Selecting Your Merit Badges

  • Review the merit badges and their requirements at the following link Click here
  • Sign up for up to 8 merit badges at the following link (Google Doc)

We would like to have AT LEAST TWO parents signed up for each Eagle required merit badge! It is always useful to have more than one parent signed up for the other badges as well. If someone has already signed up just add your name at the end of the row.

Completing the Application Process

3 Steps

  1. Complete the adult leader application, Click here
    • Note: for “Position Code” use “42” 
  2. Complete the merit badge counselor application, Click here
    • Include the badges you signed up for on the spreadsheet above
  3. If you have not done so, complete Youth Protection Training (YPT)
    • Instructions on how to do this are located at the following link Click here
    • Download your Youth Protection Training certificate. Directions are on the last page of the instructions
    • Completing Youth Protection Training is required for anyone who takes on any volunteer role within scouts. So it’s a good idea for all parents to do this

(Note: The complete the application process to become a merit badge counselor can be found here)

Wrap Up

Email Jennifer Nutter ( at the Northern Star Council and copy Heather Hunt ( and Anne Bauers (, Troop 46 advancement coordinators the following socuments:

  • Adult leader application,
  • Merit badge counselor application
  • YPT certificate

Please use WinZip or another encrypting software, or fax to 612-261-2499 so that you aren’t emailing your SSN in an unprotected file. Due to everyone working from home, Council Staff do not have access to existing adult leader applications, so please fill out another one even if you have an active application.

*** Lastly, Remember Two-Deep Leadership! The policies of two-deep leadership and no one-on-one contact between adults and youth members also apply to digital communication. Adult Leaders may not have one-on-one private online communications or engage one-on-one in other digital activities (games, social media, etc.) with youth members ***

Printable instructions can be found of the Troop’s Google Docs here.